My New Book – JESUS NOW

Since 2004, I’ve been giving messages on a subject that I’ve rarely heard anyone speak about or write on.

The subject?

What is JESUS doing NOW?

We all know what He did when He was on earth “in the days of His flesh.”

And we all know what He plans to do when He returns.

But what’s His ministry — exactly  — since His ascension until His second coming?

That’s what my upcoming book JESUS NOW: Unveiling the Present-Day Ministry of Christ explores in detail.

Leonard Sweet wrote the Foreword.


I’m confident that you will be blessed by the book on a personal level because it shows exactly how the present-day ministry of Jesus Christ benefits you.

But it’s also a great tool for churches, Bible studies, and small groups.

It will give your church or group 8 weeks . . . or 8 months (depending on how deep you want to go) . . . of fresh content to discuss, pray over, explore, and live out.

After reading the book, one person who preaches regularly said it’s given him 8 months of “fresh preaching material” that will give a new perspective to his listeners.

I have more to say about the book and will be releasing excerpts from it in the days to come, until May 5th arrives.

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  1. says

    I am glad that you continue to provide fresh content from the Throne Frank. Thank you for your continual revelation and your contribution to the Body of Jesus Christ! I am looking forward to getting your new book……..after the 5th of May of course. When are you conducting writer seminars again?

  2. Mauricio says

    Dear Frank,
    In my country (Argentina) since 2011 are several ministries preaching the Gospel under this basement: what is Jesus doing NOW. So it´s beatifull to hear from you the same direction.
    After many decades listening what He did 2.000 years ago, it´s good to listen what He is doing now.
    And we have experienced transformation of the traditional church, a deep revelation of His word in our families, congregations, cities, and nation.

  3. Robert Downs says

    Showing His LOVE to mankind through the personal interactions “we” (His church) have with all people, so that He may be known.

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