1. says

    Jared here, the Blog Manager. Here was a comment emailed to us about this episode:

    “Roaring laughing. Wrote madly. Midget women, Tyson, Donkey women of Trinidad, 10 yrs in prison proves l love small animals. The great psychosis. I never squeeze fruit. You are too much Frank. Funny Funny man.”


  2. Brendon says

    This was SO entertaining. I listened to it five times! I know who may favorite character is. Can’t wait for the poll because I hope he wins and you interview him. Oh, and I’m 34 and like the humor of John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. This reminds me of that kind of comedy.

  3. JeffandJen says

    ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! My wife and I couldn’t stop laughing (we’re in our 30s). Reminds me of John Stewart/Stephen Colbert sort of humor.

    Brilliant idea to have character callers! Can’t wait to do the poll. Loved Lud, Howard, Fezz, Harry and especially the last caller! Ha ha ha

    We loved it!!!

  4. says

    Listened to it this morning on my way to work. It was…interesting. Hahahaha!

    On a serious note, thank you for all you have done. I have cut back on a lot of the social media and outside influences in my life, with yours being one of the few remaining. I appreciate you very much.

    Hoping for at least 100 more episodes. :-)

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