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Blessed Are the Undesirable

Are You Missional?

Why I Love the Church: In Praise of God’s Eternal Purpose

Ed Stetzer Interview: God’s Grand Mission

The Eternal Purpose

My Talk at George Fox Seminary

Christianity Today Interview: God’s Grand Mission

Vantage Point – A Vital Message to the Missional Church

The Reformed Reaction

Two New Unique Interviews: Darin Hufford & Bill Easum

The First Relationship

FROM ETERNITY TO HERE: Answers to Blogger Questions

The Anatomy of the Church

Christian Post Interview: The Magnum Opus

A Homeless God

What is Your Mission Statement?

The Glorious Tapestry

He is the Head of the Body . . . Really?

Reimagining God’s Eternal Purpose

Rediscovering the Triune Nature of God

7 Aspects of the Present-Day Ministry of Christ

FROM ETERNITY TO HERE is Compared to “Twilight”

The iMonk Recommends FROM ETERNITY TO HERE

Sample Chapter of FROM ETERNITY TO HERE & Brant Hansen’s Review

Unveiling Christ

The Missio Dei

Living in the Divine Parenthesis

For God So Loved the World vs. Love Not the World

Is Your Ministry Due for a New Season?

The Wrong Starting Point

The Gospel of the Kingdom

How Jesus Reaches His World

Following Your Spiritual Instincts Regarding the Poor

4 Ways in Which I Help the Poor

He Has Anointed Us – New Song & Amazing Recording

You Can’t Join Jesus Unless You Know What He’s Up To

Will Durant on Jesus

Answers to Skeptics Part I: There is a God

Answers to Skeptics Part II: Is Jesus the Only Way?

Answers to Skeptics Part III: Is the Bible Reliable?

Answers to Skeptics Part IV: Can a Good Person Be Condemned?

Answers to Skeptics: Part V: Aren’t All Christians Hypocrites?

What is a Christian?

Why I’m a Christian

Missional Living

On Orphans & Widows

Concerning Unsaved Loved Ones


Don’t Believe Everything You Hear or Read

Have You Heard? The Plague of Gossip & Slander in the Body of Christ

Warning: The World is Watching How We Christians Treat One Another

Scratch a Christian & You’ll Find Out What They’re Made Of

The Message Most Needed, But the One Few Want to Hear

My Unforgettable Meeting with A.W. Tozer

The Christian’s Relationship to the Law

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ

The Keeping Power of God

Romans 8 Remixed

7 Reasons Why Christians Abandon the Faith

12 Forgotten Things Every Christian Should Know

The Deeper Journey

Pressing Into the Kingdom

To All My Readers: An Important Change

Giving No Thought to Christ

Where Will Power Fails

What Makes Jesus Angry?

Rick Warren’s Horrific Tragedy & the Sickening Response of Some Christians

The Unbroken Christian

Religious Jealousy: The Unspoken Root Behind Hatred, Slander & Murder

A Tale of Two Mentors

A Tale of Two Missiles

Exposing a Misguided Teaching

A Better Covenant

Keep the Love On

What Coca-Cola’s New Bottle Teaches Us About Partaking of Jesus Christ

Attend 5 Conferences in the Comfort of Your Own Home

God’s Favorite Place: Conference Message Part I

God’s Favorite Place: Conference Message Part II

God’s Favorite Place: Conference Message Part III


Refiner’s Fire

The Perfect Image for My Rants Against Sectarianism

5 Reasons to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

How to Waste a Good Crisis

Someone Didn’t Get the Memo: Being a Christian in a Social Media Saturated World

What Doesn’t Impress Me – A Message to 20s & 30s

Who Else Wants a Short of Spiritual Adrenaline?

Haters Gonna Hate

Three Kinds of Critics & How to Respond to Them

Who Are You? Accepting Your True Identity

Who Do You Think You Are?

Anointed for Burial

Why Mary of Bethany is My Hero

Rejected in All Quarters But One

How to Respond to Rejection and Unjust Criticism

Advice to New Christians

Fresh Light on Hebrews 4:12 – The Word of God is Sharper

The Forgotten Conscience

Resurrection Sunday

5 Marks That God is Using You Tremedously

No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper

How Ambition Destroys Discernment

What Pleases God?

The Absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ

Losing Track of Jesus

The Alpha & Omega

Forgotten Words of Jesus

Fighting Against God

My Favorite Resurrection Song

How to Properly Receive Jesus Christ

The Dangers of God’s Favor: Part I

The Dangers of God’s Favor: Part II

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

14 Thoughts

The Characteristics of a True Friend

What Makes a True Friend?

A Friend Who Cares

Sin Metrics: The Sins That Christians Condemn & Excuse

9 Reasons Why Discipleship Isn’t Working Today

The Removal of Our Blindness

We Have Not So Learned Christ: On Internet Correspondence

Be Kinder Than Necessary

Behold His Mighty Hand!

7 Ways to Destroy a Friendship

Ed Stetzer Interviews Len Sweet and me

Mike Morrell Interviews Len Sweet and me (1)

Mike Morrell Interviews Len Sweet and me (2)

Kenny Jahng Interviews Len Sweet and me

Steve Brown Interviews Len Sweet and me

Steve Brown Interviews Len Sweet and me again

My Interview with Christian Books (CBD)

My Interview with “The Christian Post”

My Interview with Ben Witherington

My Interview with Kelly Deppen

10 Reasons Why Len Sweet and I Wrote JESUS MANIFESTO

Why JESUS MANIFESTO is Not a Recipe Book

The Ultimate Plagiarism

Separating Benefits from the Benefactor

Grace, Mercy, and the Word “New”

Living Without Offense

How Would Your Life Be Different?

A Priceless Story: D.L. Moody & The Plymouth Brethren

Two Tracts Worth Examining

On Pearls

On Passion

On Virtues

On the Atonement

On Certainty

On Winning

On Mysticism

On Losing a Loved One

On Spiritual Pride

On Christian Pettiness

On Being Wrong

On the Creeds

On Faith

On Adversity


The Expiration Date of Affliction

Life is Short, Making Things Right & Eulogies

Broken Body, Precious Blood

Three Thoughts

Watchman Nee Meets T. Austin-Sparks

Longing for the Endless Immensity

A Jesus Manifesto

Reader Reactions to JESUS MANIFESTO

Scot McKnight Reviews JESUS MANIFESTO

50 Things the Holy Spirit Does

20 Things the Blood of Jesus Does

Spiritual Transitions

Seeing Christ in Films: Part I

Seeing Christ in Films: Part II

A Plow & Some Tears

An Important Insight from President Obama

Calvin Miller on Jesus

Glancing or Gazing?

A Vanishing God

Jesus in a Dilemma

Legalism, License, Lordship, and Liberty

Living by the Tree of Life

It’s All About Jesus: But What Does That Mean?

If God Wrote Your Biography

Hungry for More . . .

God’s View of a Woman

I’m Praying for You

In Praise of New Songs

7 New Songs

A Word to Mentors and Mentees

Hearing One Side of a Story

The Art of Being a Jerk Online

Who is Jesus, Really?

The Forgotten Beatitude: Part I

The Forgotten Beatitude: Part II

A Farewell to Self-Righteousness

Learning to Live by the Indwelling Life of Christ

An Audience of One

I Don’t Know

Why I Gave Up Trying to Live the Christian Life

Whatever Happened to Perseverance?

In Praise of Dry Spells

No Compromise

Don’t Waste Your Time Being a Christian

The Peril of Measuring Yourself Against Others

3 Things That Break the Back of Envy

Standing Against All Odds

How to Avoid Spiritual Bankruptcy

Why Calvinists Live Like Arminians & Arminians Pray Like Calvinists

Getting Rid of a Sectarian Spirit Once and For All

Just Breathe

Jesus Christ Born Twice

Let’s Talk About Your Destiny

Where Are the Other Nine?

Back to Christ

Envy & Jealousy on Facebook

In Christ – New Song & Amazing Recordings

When God Walks Off the Stage

The Four-Fold Price of Truth

The Finger or the Hand?

A Letter That Dropped Out of Heaven

His Time

Standing on a New Frontier

Do You Know Where You’re Headed?

What Happened Before the Foundation of the World?

Remembering the Perfume

Training for Reigning

The Wine That Never Fails

Encountering the God of Half-Answered Prayers

Do You Make These 8 Mistakes When Reading the Bible?

Sheer Excitement

How Returning Emails is a Reflection of Your Walk with Jesus

10 Ways to Handle Stress

A Reminder from Paul of Tarsus

Beyond Kindness

Reclaiming Christianity

My New Online Discipleship Course

Answers to Questions About My First Online Course

Sowing Seeds of Discord: Part I

Sowing Seeds of Discord: Part II

Sowing Seeds of Discord: Part III

Sowing Seeds of Discord: Part IV

Rescripting the Christian Life: Part I

Rescripting the Christian Life: Part II

Captivated by the Sight of Peerless Worth: Part I

Captivated by the Sight of Peerless Worth: Part II

Captivated by the Sight of Peerless Worth: Part III


Discipleship, Mission, and Church: A Plea to Learn Our History

10 Reasons Why I Left the Institutional Church & Sought the Ekklesia

Warning: Christian Community Doesn’t Work Without This

The Remarkable Creativity in the Body of Christ

You are Amazing! (Just the Way You Are)

Recovering the Departed Glory

Why Organic Church Is Not Exactly a Movement

What is an Organic Church? A Plea for Clarity

Reflections on the Postchurch Perspective

Organic Church Life Doesn’t Work . . .

Organic Church Life Described Simply

Neil Cole & Frank Viola Discuss Missional Organic Church

Visiting an Organic Church: A Firsthand Report

What Does Authentic Organic Church Life Look Like?: Part I

What Does Authentic Organic Church Life Look Like?: Part II

5 Marks of a Spiritual Pioneer & A Famous Megachurch Pastor Steps Down

Christ’s Love Expressed in Organic Church Life

House Church vs. Organic Church

Are You in the Wilderness?

Deep Ecclesiology

Billy Graham’s Stunning Prophecy

The Problem With Mental Filters

Organizational vs. Organic

Guest Article: Lions Set Free

McManus Interview

Why I Left the Institutional Church

Why I Left the Institutional Church: Continuing the Dialogue

It’s the System, Stupid


Organic Church Has Become a Clay Word

Confusion Over Organic Church Abounds

Reflections on the House Church Movement

More Thoughts on Missional

Interview with Atlanta Journal Constitution

An Encouragement for the Missional Church Movement

A City Whose Builder and Maker is God

You Don’t Know What You Have Until . . .

When God is Moving Among a People, This Will Happen

My Interview with Alan Knox: Missional Organic Church

The Wish Dream

How Not to Leave a Church

George Barna and I Reflect on Four Years Since “Pagan Christianity”

Pagan Christianity: Preface to the New Edition

Pagan Christianity Debate

Interview on “Pagan Christianity” & “Reimagining Church”

Interview on Radical Church & the Perils of Email Resolution

George Barna and the Coming Trends of the Church

Jon Zens & I Respond to Ben Witherington III

George Barna and I Unedited

Reformation, Revolution, and Changing the Course of History

The Anabaptists

Interview with Modern Reformation Magazine


The Race Card of the Early Christians – What They Can Teach Us Today

The Agony Over God’s Will

How to Stop Agonizing Over Finding God’s Will For Your Life

What We Haven’t Been Taught About Jesus

You’re Putting God in a Box!

The Missing Ingredient

Christianeze Revisisted

10 Mistakes Christians Should Avoid at All Cost

Reading the Bible in 3D

Lessons from RUSH

My Thoughts on Hyper-Grace

What’s Wrong with LEFT BEHIND?

What Christians Can Learn from the Music World of the 1960s

A Jesus Response to Suicide

Should Christians Sell, Market, and Promote Products & Services


An Embarrassing Confession About Money

Don’t Make This Mistake

Should Christians Sell, Market, and Promote Products & Services?

What Christians Authors & Speakers Can Learn from the Music World of the 1960s

Beyond Today’s Pop Soap Opera Christianity

So You Don’t Believe in God Anymore?

How Not to Respond to the Sick and Suffering

Beyond Today’s Pop Soap Opera Christianity

The Problem With Christianity

3 Christian Responses to Mental Illness

3 Personal Observations about NOAH, the movie

Did Jesus Fail?

The Rapture Question

Rethinking the Five-Fold Ministry

Rethinking Righteousness

Rethinking the Church and Culture

Rethinking the Love of Christ

Rethinking Church Planting and Apostles

Rethinking Christian Unity

Rethinking the Gospel

Rethinking Christian Conferences

Rethinking Women in Ministry

Rethinking Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh

Rethinking How We Present the Gospel

Rethinking Youth Ministry Training

Rethinking the Sinner’s Prayer

Rethinking Evangelism

Rethinking Water Baptism

Rethinking Hell

Rethinking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Part I

Rethinking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Part II

Rethinking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Part III

Rethinking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Part IV

Rethinking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Part V

Rethinking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Part VI

Rethinking the Gifts of the Spirit: Part I

Rethinking the Gifts of the Spirit: Part II

Rethinking the Gifts of the Spirit: Part III

Rethinking the Gifts of the Spirit: Part IV

Rethinking the Gifts of the Spirit: Part V

Rethinking the Gifts of the Spirit: Part VI

Rethinking the Gifts of the Spirit: Part VII

Rethinking the Gifts of the Spirit: Part VIII

Rethinking the Gifts of the Spirit: Part IX

Rethinking the Gifts of the Spirit: Part X

Rethinking the Gifts of the Spirit: Part XI

Rethinking the Gifts of the Spirit: Part XII

Rethinking the Holy Spirit

Rethinking Sickness

Rethinking the Second Coming of Christ

Rethinking Your Reputation

Rethinking Homosexuality

Rethinking Church Discipline & Excommunication

Rethinking Leadership in the New Testament

The Myth of Christian Leadership

A Message to Ex-Pastors & Those on Their Way Out

7 Things You May Not Know About Jesus

Modern Day Moses

Does Giving Away Free Resources Devalue Them?

Jerusalem is NOT God’s Favorite Place on Earth

The Dissenters

Two Responses: Jon Cardwell & Mark Driscoll

George Fox, Alan Hirsch, Jon Zens, and the Clergy System

The Disconnect Between Eastern and Western Medicine: An Analogy

Dialogue with a Liberated, Free-Thinking, Post-Modern Christian

The Word “Radical”

Frankly Speaking – “I Don’t Like Christians”

How One Spoken Message Can Impact Thousands

Pastors Weigh-in on PAGAN CHRISTIANITY

More Pastors Weigh-in on PAGAN CHRISTIANITY

10 Straw-Man Myths About PAGAN CHRISTIANITY

An Analysis of Jim Belcher’s “Deep Church”

An Analysis of De Young/Kluck’s “Why We Love the Church”

The Cost of Challenging the Status Quo

Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater

The Coming Collapse of Modern Evangelicalism

Apostolic Covering and the Five-Fold Ministry

My Interview with Drew Marshall

Reapproaching the New Testament: The Bible is Not a Jigsaw Puzzle

Back Story to the ReChurch Series

JESUS MANIFESTO vs. ReChurch & Michael Spencer

A Fact You Probably Don’t Know

The Man in the Arena

Farewell Church Buildings

Interview with Rethink Monthly

Reframing Discipleship

Kingdom Confusion: Part I

Kingdom Confusion: Part II

Christians Are . . .

The Presence of the Future

A Unique Amazon Review

Thoughts on the Coming Revival

Does Christianity Have a Feminine Feel?

20 Reasons Why the Christian Right & the Christian Left Won’t Adopt Me

How Not to Correct Another Christian

Charles Spurgeon vs. D.L. Moody

Did Jesus Have a Wife?

Jesus and Paul Under Fire

9 Lies the Media Likes to Tell About Evangelical Christians

Toward a Chronological Understanding of the New Testament

Five Principles of Interpreting the Bible


On Being Italian

Nailing a Common Problem in Male-Female Relationships

Why I Gave Up Being a Talk Radio Show Host

If 21st Christians Were Living in Jesus’ Day

This Hilarious Video Reminds Me of the State of Christianity Today

I Am NOT That Frank Viola

The 100th Podcast Episode

The $25,000 Give-Away

Have You Ever Viewed Breakfast Like This?

Is This Girl for Real?

Déjà vu with Jason Bourne

The Most Popular Lies

A New Exercise

Church Forms and Swine Flu

Never Make This Email Mistake

Spoof Review of Milt Rodriguez’ Book

An Interesting Exchange


A [Post] Modern Man

Our First One Word Monologue

Another One Word Monologue

Our First Two Word Monologue

The One Word Monologue is Back

Agree With Your Adversaries

The Nativity Story & My Favorite Christmas Spoof Song

I’m Back

The Young Man and The Cowboy

What Not to Write in Someone’s Yearbook

Not Being Frank for a Moment

I Might Have Been Wrong About Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh

Four Christians


My Failures & Successes in 2013

The Untold Story Behind My “Sugar Stick” Message


The Buzz Seminar: For Bloggers & Authors

I’m Building a Team – A Personal Invitation

Six Reasons Why I Recommend BlueHost

How to Set Goals That Come to Pass

Why I’ve Decided to Post Less Often

Writing, Ministry, and Money

Losing a Friend

A Practical Word About Your Dreams

Personal Words Regarding 2011

My Beef with Ghost Writing & Ghost Preaching

How to Avoid a Problem I Hate: Wasted Talent

Jesus Dramatized

A Sneak Peek Into My Workstation

What Inspires You?

Some of My Favorite Films

My Favorite Poem

A Bag of Tools

Christians and Creativity: Awesome Video


16 Questions: Just for Fun

Christian Writers = Music Artists


A Word to All Authors – Aspiring or Actual

The New Roman Road

Knowing Where Everything Is & Fascinating Letters

Twitter vs. Facebook

Why I Don’t Pay Attention to Facebook Notifications

First Chapters

Top Posts of 2008

Top Posts of 2009

Top Posts of 2010

Top Posts of 2011

Top Posts of 2012

Top Posts of 2013

My Books on Kindle

What Captures Your Attention?

How to Read Long Blog Posts

The Artist’s Favorite Work

3 Lessons Every Writer and Speaker Can Learn from Led Zeppelin

So You Think You Disagree?

The Top 10 Christian Blogs

10 Twitter Mistakes That Make You Look Clueless

8 Ways to Simplify Your Online Life

The Untold Story Behind JESUS: A THEOGRAPHY

Alan Hirsch Responds to Critics

My Next Co-Author

The Power of Words


A Look Inside My Toolbox

The 100 Best Christian Books Ever Written

The 100 Best Theological Works and Commentaries

What You Need to Know About Gmail

Slam the Door on Cancer

The Best Resource on the Gospels

A Taste Test for JESUS NOW

The Best Antivirus Security Software

Spinning is Not an Option: Michael Brown & Benny Hinn







Pouring Holy Water on Strange Fire

Rick Warren Features JESUS: A THEOGRAPHY

New Concept in Christian Music

The Bible Miniseries

Bible Translations I Use and Recommend

A New Chronological Bible by Thomas Nelson

A New Chronological Bible by Tyndale

The Story: A New Kind of Bible

A Unique and Amazing Look at Jesus Christ

Introducing the ESV Study Bible

Introducing the HSCB Study Bible

Two Essential Resources for Understanding Your Bible

A Resource Every Serious Bible Student and Teacher Should Own

A Book Every Church and Family Should Own

Interview with N.T. Wright

Interview with Ann Voskamp

Interview with Ben Witherington

Interview with Margaret Feinberg

Interview with Christian Smith

Interview with Craig Keener

Interview with Mary DeMuth

Interview with Mark Batterson

Interview with James D.G. Dunn

Interview with Roger Olson

Interview with Greg Boyd

Interview with Leonard Sweet

Interview with Howard Snyder

Interview with David Fitch

Interview with David Ruis

Interview with Derek Webb

Interview with Rachel Smith

Interview with Stephanie Bennett

Interview with Felicity Dale

Interview with Kate Hurley

Interview with Andrew Jones

Interview with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Interview with Eric Wilson

Interview with Adrian Warnock

Interview with Ray Edwards

Interview with Dr. Michael Brown

Interview with Sarah Cunningham

Interview with Derwin Gray

Interview with Jeff Goins

Interview with Todd Hunter

Interview with Dan Kimball

Interview with Phil Cooke

Interview with Jenni Catron

Interview with Robert Mounce

Interview with Scot McKnight

Interview with the Man Behind the Curtain

Rob Bell

Brennan Manning

DeVern Fromke

Milt Rodriguez

Jon Zens

Bono on Jesus

John Lennon on Jesus

Honoring Dallas Willard, Brennan Manning, and Bill Freeman

Join the JESUS FIRST Facebook Page

The Difference Between Persuasion and Manipulation

Why Men Hate Going to Church: Interview with David Murrow

Lifting Up My Friends: Part I – Tony & Felicity Dale

Lifting Up My Friends: Part II – Milt Rodriguez & Alan Levine

Lifting Up My Friends: Part III – Jon Zens

Lifting Up My Friends: Part IV – Leonard Sweet & Others

Why I Prefer MailChimp Over Constant Contact and AWeber

Effective Books in Presenting the Gospel to Non-Christians

One of the Greatest Influences of My Life and Ministry

Introducing an Incredible Designer

A Personal Note to My Subscribers & Readers

How God Became King by N.T. Wright

Relevant Magazine

Christianity in Crisis

My Top 5 Most Influential Books

The Top 5 Books on Ministry

My Spanish Bruthas and Sistas

We Put the Puppy to Sleep

News About My Podcast

Standing on the Side of Church History

The Nines 2012

Logos 5 – The Best Bible Software on Discount

An Amazing Gadget for My Pastime

How to Hear God’s Voice

The Top 10 Christian Female Bloggers

A Survey for Christian 20-Somethings

A Survey for Christian 30-Somethings

A Survey for Christian 40-Somethings

Is the Old Testament God a Moral Monster?

God Behaving Badly: Part I

God Behaving Badly: Part II

Blogging Through Bonhoeffer: Part I

Blogging Through Bonhoeffer: Part II

Blogging Through Bonhoeffer: Part III

Blogging Through Bonhoeffer: Part IV

Blogging Through Bonhoeffer: Part V

Blogging Through Bonhoeffer: Part VI

Blogging Through Bonhoeffer: Part VII

Blogging Through Bonhoeffer: Part VIII

Blogging Through Bonhoeffer: Part IX


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