Jesus Now: Unveiling the Present-Day Ministry of Christ is a CBA (Christian Book Association) Best-Seller


Jesus Now: Unveiling the Present-Day Ministry of Christ

During His ministry on earth, Jesus of Nazareth spent most of His time healing the sick, casting out demons, training disciples, teaching the people, and preaching the kingdom of God. But what is Jesus Christ doing today? What is His present-day ministry?

In Jesus Now, bestselling author Frank Viola gives us the first comprehensive treatment of what Jesus has been doing since His ascension until His second coming. In an easy-to-read format, Viola explores the seven aspects of Christ’s ministry today and shows how each one benefits the saved and the unsaved.

Open these pages and discover what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing now and how it will impact your life.

As the book unfolds the seven aspects of Christ’s present-day ministry, it answers some of the thorny questions present in 21st-century Christianity. Namely . . .

* What is grace in the biblical sense?

* When is grace being turned into license and abused?

* What is legalism and how can we detect it?

* What is “hyper-grace teaching” and how can we detect it?

* How does Jesus transform us exactly?

Jesus Now addresses these questions and many more.

“I’m not aware of any other work that so clearly fleshes out the present ministry of Christ. Using a style that is engaging and accessible to all, Frank discusses Jesus as our High Priest, our Shepherd, our Bridegroom. He then unpacks what the New Testament has to say about Jesus as the Author and Finisher of our faith, as the builder and head of the Church, and as Lord of the world. I believe readers will find this work not only informative, but transformative. The first chapter alone will set free many who live in condemnation.”

Greg Boyd,

“Frank Viola is a master at the discipline of historical context, and Jesus Now is a masterpiece that shows us how to ‘Christify’ our story–to move from an unscripted spirituality to a scripturally scripted identity.”

Leonard Sweet, from the Foreword

“Viola is an exuberant writer who knows his Bible. I would recommend Jesus Now to Christian leaders and discussion groups to understand the present-day ministry of Christ.”

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A Taste Test for Jesus Now

Fresh Light on Hebrews 4:12 – The Word of God is Sharper . . .

The Forgotten Conscience

Foreword by Leonard Sweet

Greg Boyd’s Review of Jesus Now

You Can’t Join Jesus in His Present Work if You Don’t Know What He’s Up To

*** The JESUS NOW Study Guide ***


Sharing Jesus Now

At a friend’s request, here are quotes from Jesus Now that you can share with friends via Twitter and Facebook. Just copy and paste them.


Jesus is “the same yesterday & today and forever, but His ministry has changed from “the days of His flesh”


Jesus Christ, our real high priest, rolls up His sleeves and joins us in the broken places of our lives.


The book of Hebrews is built around the theme of the Lord’s present-day ministry as high priest.


The blood of Christ—having satisfied God’s holiness—cleanses our consciences & removes our guilt & shame:


Your relationship with the Lord should b closer & more glorious than that of Abraham, Moses, & David Heb. 11:39-40


When God forgives, He forgets (Heb. 8:12; 10:17). #JesusNow


Approaching God is never based on your works—whether good or bad. But upon Christ’s work.


The Holy Spirit’s illumination & Satan’s accusation are two very different things. Discover how to know:


“He knows the worst about you and is the One who loves you the most.” AW Tozer in


Never confuse legalism with lordship or libertinism with liberty.


Psalm 23 teaches us exactly how Jesus Christ is our Chief Shepherd.


Insofar as we follow the voice of the chief shepherd, we will remain safe, secure, and pleasing to His heart.


Jesus is the greatest lover in the universe—not in a cheap or sentimental way, but because He comes to where we are.


Before creation, God the Father ordained that He would give His Son an eternal companion who would meet His beating heart. #JesusNow


Just as the 1st Adam desired a companion, a lover, Jesus is seeking lovers—those who will return His love.


Paul was confident: what Jesus Christ began in your life will be completed, Phil. 1:6. He’s the Author & Finisher of Our Faith: #JesusNow


Think of the conscience as a window by which the light of heaven shines through to our spirits. #JesusNow


The Bible tells us there are 5 different states of the human conscience. Which is yours? #JesusNow


Jesus is both the shape and the shaper—the former and the form—as He works Himself into us, conforming us into His glorious image #JesusNow


The beginning of the Christian life is easy. The end is joyous. But the middle is where the fiercest battles take place. #JesusNow


The Holy Spirit is the reality of Christ’s presence. The Spirit dispenses to us the very life that Jesus lived.


The incarnation was Jesus leaving God’s space to enter the human space. #JesusNow


The ascension was Jesus in His incarnation leaving the human space and going back to God’s space. #JesusNow


Because of the Holy Spirit, the history of Jesus Christ becomes our story and experience. #JesusNow


The eternal purpose of God is centered upon making Jesus the absolute head over all things. #JesusNow


God’s goal is the establishment of the complete sovereignty and supremacy of His Son. #JesusNow


Jesus Christ has not gone on vacation. Instead, He’s active in the world in 7 key ways: #JesusNow


In the first century, there were three “gospels.” And those three gospels are still with us today. #JesusNow


The closer someone gets to Jesus Christ, the less judgmental, self-righteous, harsh toward others, and selfish he or she will be. #JesusNow


The purpose of the 2nd Adam was to recover what the 1st Adam had lost in the fall & to destroy what Satan had gained. #JesusNow




  1. Tina Sowell says

    I am enjoying immensely your podcast. Just started listening. I have ordered several of your books, and am ordering JESUS Now today.
    I love your website as it just capitalized the name JESUS . Wow I love it. Oh I listened to 100 podcast, just saying. I love you and your ministry, I do have a saying that I confess often as it paints a picture of what I want my life to be. “Your either green and growing, or you are ripe and rotten.” As long as I have breathe I will be praising you JESUS.

    Be blessed . Tina

  2. Thomas Loy Bumgarner says

    After reading your book, I bought Darlene Zschech’s album Jesus Revealed. She and Israel Houghton’s song Jesus at the center of my life, reminds me of your other books focusing on Jesus Christ plus your online class. Thank you for your hard work and tender heart, Frank Your brother and servant in Christ Jesus

  3. Julian says

    Folks get this book! Frank, it overwhelmed me. Thank you much. As was Austin-Sparks, Watchman Nee and other great saints you are a man consumed by Christ. You make it so clear that all believers can have the same privilege, thank you dear brother.

    • Dustin May says

      I agree. Just finished reading the book. I was quite surprised at how much information is presented is such a small book. It’s written to read easy and has at least eight months of preaching material. This is my first book to ever read by Frank. It certainly will not be that last.

  4. Jeff Huston says

    I haven’t received the free downloadable book, Rethinking the Will of God after subscribing. I am interested in reading it. How do I get. I checked my junk folder and nothing there. Thank you and God Bless.

    • says

      That was answered in my personal update today which you should have gotten. Check your spam folder for that. It’s goes out the first month after you subscribe. It’s not gone out yet to new subscribers since April 1st.

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