A Most Pernicious Temptation by T.E. Hanna

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The following is a guest post by T.E. Hanna. I felt it was so good, I wanted to publish it for my readers.

It is a rampant problem in many Christian circles that believers learn to use the right words rather than embody the right life. Specifically, they are enticed to communicate about people rather than talk to those people.

Perhaps the most pernicious of these temptations comes to us in the form of gossip and slander. If we can simply pinpoint the sins of others — real or imagined — we can elevate ourselves to the righteous role of sage and judge in one fell swoop.

If challenged on it, we can simply default to claims of “accountability” or hide behind the “need to pray” for that individual’s struggles. In the process, we retain the mask but ultimately usurp the very meaning of righteousness, accountability, love, and prayer. More so, we violate love and we thus sin.

Ironically, we do it all in the name of Jesus. 

Left unchallenged, the plagues of gossip and slander will take root within the individual and then quickly spread to those around them, poisoning the minds of others.[Continue Reading…]

Examine Your Faith!

Recently, I caught up with Pamela Christian on her new book Examine Your Faith, endorsed by famous apologist Josh McDowell. Check out the interview and the book.

Instead of asking, “what is your book about,” I’m going to ask the question that’s behind that question. And that unspoken question is, “how are readers going to benefit from reading your book?”

Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies, takes readers through an inductive process to honestly reconsider what they believe and why they believe it. My goal is for them to intentionally arrive at a confident faith conviction. Since what we believe to be true dictates every decision we make in life and, as most believe, has direct bearing on our eternal life, it is extremely important to have a confident faith conviction.[Continue Reading…]

What Doesn’t Impress Me – A Message to 20s and 30s

I’m writing this post for the benefit of my fellow brethren and sistren in their 20s and 30s who have a call of God on their lives for the Lord’s work.

Last week, I was walking around my house waiting for my Internet service to kick back on and a thought struck me.

In my mind’s eye, I saw a very popular Christian leader. This is someone who several years ago the Lord laid on my heart to pray for.

In fact, I wrote down my prayer in a black Moleskin notebook.

The date was October 7, 2010.[Continue Reading…]

BlueHost – Why I Recommend It as the Best Blog & Website Hosting Service

Ever since I became a professional blogger, readers have asked me what blog platform I recommend as well as what blog hosting service I endorse.

The answer for both is BlueHost . . . hands down.

As I argued in this podcast episode, I believe every Christian should have a blog. Even if you’re not a writer, having a space online is important in our day.

Here are the reasons why I recommend BlueHost over other hosting services:

1. BlueHost uses WordPress, which is my preferred platform. I won’t use anything else. It’s much better than Typepad and Blogger.

2. The price is incredible. You can get a 3-year hosting service for as little as $4.95 a month.

3. It’s reliable. I’ve used other hosting services and was frustrated to find that my sites were down often. Since I’ve used BlueHost, I’ve not had one problem.

4. The customer service is as good as it comes. The folks at BlueHost are very helpful should you have any questions.

5. They have an amazing affiliate program. They give you $65 for every new account that is referred by you.

6. They have an easy to use step-by-step process to start a blog in 5 minutes. In this post, I give you all the steps.

7. I also highly recommend Studio Themes to get your blog looking stellar.

You can also view this step-by-step video. Open up the video in one window on your browser and click Full Screen on the right in the Youtube video. Then open up another browser and click this discount link: BlueHost and follow the instructions on the video.[Continue Reading…]

DISCIPLESHIP IN CRISIS – Sign Up for Your Free Copy

“Discipleship” is getting a second round of buzz today. I say second round because the first round began in the United States in the early 1970s.

Yet few of the books and discussions in the present discipleship movement take into account the mistakes that were made in the 1970s. So those mistakes are being unwittingly perpetuated today.

So what exactly is “discipleship” in the New Testament? And why is it failing in so many quarters today?

In my new eBook, Discipleship in Crisis, I sketch out 9 reasons why “discipleship” isn’t working today and why.

It includes a historical look at the discipleship movement and offers various correctives and challenges so that we quit repeating the same mistakes of the past.

If you’re interested in this subject at all, you’ll want to get this book.

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ESET – The Best Antivirus and Security Software

Hi Friends,

If you tried to get my my new discipleship course – thedeeperjourney.com – and you use AVAST, you may have gotten a false malware alert blocking you from the site.

That alert has finally been removed. Unfortunately, AVAST flags all clean sites if another site that is using the same IP address is infected.

So it’s guilt by IP address association.

AVAST is the only antivirus program that does this to my knowledge, and it’s not a good feature at all.

If you have a computer, one of the MOST IMPORTANT investments you can make is to have a reliable antivirus/malware program.

It’s worth every penny. It will save you from heartache and losing data. It will also spare you from being blocked from clean sites.

I’ve been hit with viruses in the past and it’s no fun.

Now . . . I’ve used them all: AVAST, Norton, Trend Micro, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc.[Continue Reading…]