How One Spoken Talk Delivered to a Small Audience Can Impact Thousands

Many of you who read this blog are preachers and teachers.

I want to encourage you with a discovery I made awhile ago. It’s simple, but impressively effective.

In 2011, I delivered a message that I entitled Epic Jesus: The Christ You Never Knew at a small conference that had approximately 250 people in the room. Those 250 souls heard the message live.

However, I recorded it — as I do all my conference talks. It was then uploaded to my podcast.

To date, that message has been listened to over 22,000 times by people all over the world.[Continue Reading…]

Just Lead!


As many of you know, I’ve written a good bit on women in ministry. Specifically . . .

Rethinking Women in Ministry

God’s View of a Woman

Does Christianity Have a Feminine Feel?

A Farewell to Self-Righteousness: In Honor of Our Sisters in Christ

One of today’s most remarkable female Christian leaders is Jenni Catron. Today, I caught up with Jenni to interview her on her new book, Just Lead: A No Whining, No Complaining, No Nonsense Practical Guide for Women Leaders in the Church, written with Sherry Surratt.


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A Question of Faith

Today I interview Tor Constantino of The Daily Retort on his excellent book A Question of Faith.

Why did you decide to write this book?

Tor Constantino: I was raised in a strict, conservative, Christian household. Even though I had loving parents, I was not allowed to satisfy my curiosity about other religious beliefs and faith traditions. When I got to college, I was unprepared and ill-equipped to adequately defend my own faith, let alone address the truth claims or tenets of other belief systems. Needless to say my faith was shaken; however, through years of study, I was able to honestly re-affirm my own beliefs. One of the reasons I wrote this book was because I didn’t have this type of resource back then when I needed it. At the time, my parents, youth group and church leaders all told me to just “pray about it” which was well intended but not especially helful. I knew I wasn’t alone in that experience, which was validated when I saw a Barna Group study in 2009 that found two-thirds of Christian teens/20-somethings left the faith when they left their parents’ home. This book was written for them and their parents to help spur a lifelong discussion surrounding this important issue of belief.[Continue Reading…]

You Are Amazing! (Just the Way You Are)

Last month, I had the privilege of speaking at a conference with my close friends and coworkers Jon Zens and Milt Rodriguez.

In addition to seeing them, the highlight for me was meeting so many of my dear friends from different parts of the country that I haven’t seen in years along with meeting people that I’ve only met on this blog.

It was a precious time.

Here’s a song that was written by one of the groups that attended the conference. It’s a re-write of You’re Amazing (Just the Way You Are). The lyrics follow the video.

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Reading the Bible in 3D

The 80th episode of my podcast has just been published.

Frank Viola

Episode Overview

  • This is my second session at the NCY Ministers Conference in January 2013 (other speakers were Jon Acuff, Scot McKnight, Larry Osborne).
  • How to read the Scriptures where Christ is revealed on every page.
  • How Jesus and the disciples interpreted the Old Testament compared to how countless Christians interpret it today.
  • How to preach in such a way that hearers begin to love the Lord without using guilt.
  • The message is a introduction to Jesus: A Theography.

Listen to the Episode

Another Take on Christian Giving

Five years ago, George Barna and I wrote an entire chapter in our book Pagan Christianity on the biblical foundation of the tithe. In it, we argued that Christians didn’t tithe until hundreds of years after the church was born. However, the early Christians did give financially and they gave to several specific things.

Recently, Jeff Anderson wrote a new book on Christian giving called Plastic Donuts: Giving That Delights the Heart of the Father.


Giving in the body of Christ, especially financial giving, is a sore spot for many Christians because of all the undue emphasis on money and the flagrant abuse surrounding it.

In his new book, Jeff Anderson seeks to redeem the true biblical vision of giving. I caught up with Jeff to interview him on his book.

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