Blindsided by God


Peter Chin has written a new book entitled Blindsided by God. In it, Chin explores the reality of suffering, the mystery of God’s ways, and why, even in the darkest times, there’s always reason for hope.

I caught up with Peter recently to discuss his new book. Enjoy!


Instead of asking, “What is your book about,” I’m going to ask the question that’s behind that question. And that unspoken question is, “How are readers going to benefit from reading your book?”

Peter Chin: That really depends on the context of the reader. For those who are doing pretty well in life but are simply looking for an interesting read, the book will definitely provide that. It is a remarkable true story, one filled with as many twists and turns as you would find in any work of fiction.

But the book was really written with a more specific audience in mind. I wrote the book for those who find themselves in an especially difficult season of life, where they have experienced loss or disappointment. For those who find themselves in that context, this book will help them to remember something precious – that they are not alone in their pain. This in itself is an important realization, and a powerful source of encouragement.[Continue Reading…]

Small Groups


Within the world of church, we have the following groups of people:

1. Those who gather in the institutional form of church.

2. Those who gather outside the institutional form of church.

3. Those who belong to no local gathering at all.

4. Those who gather in the institutional form of church but who also gather in small groups.

Scott Boren’s new book Leading Small Groups in the Way of Jesus is a book for small group leaders and those interested in the benefit of small groups.

I caught up with Scott to ask him some questions about his book. Enjoy![Continue Reading…]


“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends, they are the most accessible and wisest counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

~ Charles W. Elliot

I’m happy to announce that my new book, The Day I Met Jesus: The Revealing Diaries of Five Women from the Gospels is now available.


Today, I’m featuring the first interview that Mary DeMuth (my coauthor) and I did about the book.

Go here to order it today

What follows is the interview that Mary and I did. It’s followed by early recommendations by other authors.

I’d LOVE to hear what you think about it![Continue Reading…]

Get a Free Copy of THE ART OF WORK by Jeff Goins

My friend Jeff Goins’ new book, The Art of Work, is filled with inspirational stories of people who have found their calling. Stories of people who are living beyond the status quo and doing the very thing they were meant to do.


Like the story of Ginny Phang. Ginny was a young single mother in a country where single mothers are shunned. Ginny was faced with the pressure to have an abortion. She faced hardship and endured much loneliness.[Continue Reading…]

I Have BIG News! Time-Sensitive Post – Read Now

Hi Friends,

I’m jazzed!

I’ve got two important things to share with you.

FIRST: the best book I’ve ever written to date – God’s Favorite Place on Earth – is available at no charge in Kindle, Nook, and PDF until Tuesday, February 3rd.


I managed to persuade my publisher to make it available to all my readers. :-)

As you may or may not know, this was my first book in a new genre of Christian literature that I call “biblical narrative.”

In the book, Lazarus tells the story of when Jesus came to His own home town, Bethany. The book includes both autobiographical narrative that’s tightly based on the Gospels and faithful to first-century history as well as non-fiction prose that makes practical application to your life.

SECOND: my second book in the “biblical narrative” genre releases March 3rd!

It’s called The Day I Met Jesus: The Revealing Diaries of Five Women from the Gospels.[Continue Reading…]

Leaders Are Readers

As I’ve argued before, leadership is influence. Everyone influences, so everyone leads in some degree and in some sphere.

But how powerful of an impact you make as a leader/influencer is based on many factors, and one of them is how much you read.

On that topic, here’s a guest post by Dave Frederick with a gift for you included.[Continue Reading…]

A New Testament Scholar Shreds the Recent NEWSWEEK Article – “The Bible: So Misunderstood It’s a Sin”

If you read Newsweek, online or in print, you know about the recent article about the Bible.

The article opens with a declaration of two points that I’ve shouted from the hilltops myself for years.

(1) Countless Christians have no idea what’s in the Bible because they rarely read it.

(2) Countless Christians in the evangelical world condemn others for certain kinds of sins while turning a blind eye to other kinds of sins — the “excused” sins being those which angered Jesus the most when He was here in His flesh.

From that high note, the wheels come off. The article rips the Bible using 19th-century arguments (all of which have been refuted long ago) alleging that the Bible is full of contradictions, serious manuscript variations, and false additives, thus making it an untrustworthy document.

Then, in a stroke of hand-waving sophistry, the article asserts that it’s not attacking the Bible, only how Christians read it.


Those who are well-versed in biblical scholarship will see right through the article and the yellow journalism that floods it.[Continue Reading…]

A Man Whose Name Was Joseph


Shawn Stanley is the author of a new book called A Man Whose Name Was Joseph.

Recently, I caught up with Shawn to discuss his new book.



Instead of asking, “what is your book about,” I’m going to ask the question that’s behind that question. And that unspoken question is, “how are readers going to benefit from reading your book?”

Shawn Stanley: That is a very good question.

My book benefits the reader by immersing them into the nativity story. Transporting them into Nazareth, to bring them on a journey with Joseph and Mary to Hebron, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and eventually, their escape to Egypt. However, This is not just another nativity story. I wanted the reader to view and experience this story through a different lens, a lens through Joseph’s point of view.[Continue Reading…]

Heaven’s Muscle


Bren Hughes has written a new book entitled Heaven’s Muscle: Unleashing the Power of the Holy Spirit Within You. I’ll be reviewing the book soon, but today, I’m posting an interview where Bren and I mix it up about his new book.



Heaven’s Muscle looks to be an engaging book. Instead of asking, “what is your book about,” I’m going to ask the question that’s behind that question. And that unspoken question is, “how are readers going to benefit from reading your book?”

Bren Hughes: Three points. First, in reading this book you will encounter me, and I hope it will be like meeting a new friend. My soul bleeds on every page of this book, and by the time you finish it you will know me rather intimately.

Second, part of this relationship involves me making sure that the reader knows all the crucial information from scripture about the indwelling of God’s Spirit and the sort of weapons the enemy uses against those of us who are called by God. In other words, I feel a great responsibility to convey accurate data that’s sufficient for what people need within the purposes of this book.[Continue Reading…]