Vantage Point – A Vital Message for the Missional Churches

In 2009, I delivered one of the most important messages I’ve ever given.

The message is in two parts.

Part I lays the foundation; Part II builds the superstructure. They go together, making up one complete talk.

I’ve entitled the message Vantage Point: The Story We Haven’t Heard.

In it, I explore the whole question of God’s grand mission — what is it exactly? So many “missional” people today assume that the mission is evangelism, discipleship, or making the world a better place.

But does Scripture support this?

You can listen to both parts here:

Vantage Point: Part I

Vantage Point: Part II




  1. Lorrie says

    I’ve now listened to this set about 3X and planning on gleaning from them again and am encouraging my peeps to do the same!!! Thanks, Frank, for sharing such an insightful and in-depth Vantage Point – LOVE IT!

  2. Allan Love says

    Hi Frank! I actually listened to both of these messages last week – great stuff! I plan in the next month to interact with some of your material as it pertains to the missional movement. Take care Frank.


    • says

      Thanks Allan. How did you find these talks?

      Also, have you read FROM ETERNITY TO HERE yet? That’s my most important missional book. It’s an unveiling of God’s eternal purpose, something we rarely hear about in missional circles today, even though it’s God’s grand mission and central thought:

      • Allan Love says

        Frank – I have not read From Eternity … I ordered it last week and it should be arriving this week … looking forward to the read!

  3. Deb says

    I listened to this message yesterday and the tears just would not stop flowing. Part one just seemed to move me very deeply and then part two was just so tremendous.

    Thank you for the greater view. You have no idea what your message confirmed in my spirit though I may get to tell you one day.

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