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Updated April 2015

If you would like to nominate a female Christian blogger that fits the criteria below, send your nomination to PTMIN @ – include the url to the blog.

Not long after I posted the top 10 Christian blogs according to the industry standard, someone asked me to list who I consider to be the top 10 female Christian bloggers of our time.

I hesitated to compose such a list because I absolutely despise what I call “beauty contests” (a metaphor for creating “lists” of men and/or women who an individual or organization regards to be “the best”).

But more so, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings who didn’t make my “top 10” list. No one likes being left out. So my greatest concern is that someone who might rightfully deserve to be on this list is going to read it and feel slighted because I didn’t mention them.


Anyways, I’ve made a decision to respond to the request and list my top 10 female bloggers . . . despite the fact that some may want to roast me over a slow spit for not including them or their favorite bloggers.

Deep sigh.

Keep in mind. This is just the present opinion of one small voice amid a sea of online voices. So if I put you on the list, no need to get supercilious over it. And if I didn’t, no need to feel vertically flattened.

All told, it takes a LOT of hard work to keep writing quality content on a blog. So whether you agree with all that these sisters have written or not, their hard work deserves to be noticed.

I’ve chosen their blogs based on the following:

Interesting content. I regard them to be interesting, that is.

The accessibility of the bloggers themselves. Each blogger I’ve listed has a noted reputation on the Web for responding to people’s emails, something I try to do with diligence myself. Hence the value I place upon it. They aren’t dismissive, snooty, or snobbish, but happily respond to others. If you’re a blogger or an author, you’d do well to take your cue from these women.

They are generous. They don’t just take, but they give. They don’t just talk about themselves and their work, they promote the work of others. If something resonates with their cause or burden, they let their readers know about it. They aren’t’ “tribal” or cliquish.

Each blogger is a Christian, but some specialize in various topics. For instance, one of them specializes in blogging, another in the book publishing industry, etc.


1) This should go without saying, but for the both of you who found this blog on a search and don’t quite understand this principle, just because I’ve listed a blog here doesn’t mean I agree with everything the blogger has written or believes. And I’m positive that each one of them would say the same about me and anyone else who likes their blog.

2) I’ve not read every blog authored by a Christian female. There are THOUSANDS of them! And many of them have great value. But these are the top 10 in my book presently based upon what I’ve read thus far.

3) I’ve not put these in any particular order. So the list is in alpha by last name.

Bridget Babione

Sarah Bessey

Jenni Catron

Felicity Dale

Mary DeMuth

Rachelle Gardner

Jory Micah

Michelle Shaeffer

Amy Young

Kelly Youngblood


Nicole Cottrell *

* Nicole has stopped blogging for now, but all her posts are still accessible. Her blog is so good I kept it on the list as an extra.

Keep up the good work, Sistas. I hope this list encourages you and inspires others.


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  1. says

    Great to see female bloggers being championed!
    I don’t know some of the others, but I absolutely love Amy Young, Sarah Bessey, Rachelle Gardner – it’s fabulous to see them getting a shout-out!
    Thanks for this!

  2. says

    Frank, I really am stunned and don’t know what to say. Thank you. You model lifting others up. I hope my post tomorrow about this list and you will do the same for others. Still in a bit of shock :) … but I did eat some chocolate to revive.

  3. says

    Just wanted to say thanks for doing a post on the top 10 Christian female bloggers. As someone who is ‘up and coming’ and trying to answer the call on my life to blog, write, and speak for Him, I am happy to see other women in Christ taking that role on and forging a path. Those of us who are ‘newbies’ need reliable folks we can look up to as mentors.

    God is so awesome and He will use anyone who is willing. Whether I end up on a list someday or not, I will hold tightly to this verse to keep me grounded:

    And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Romans 12:2 NKJV

    As Christians, we should be working together to promote the only person who matters -Jesus. In order to do that, we have to network. Lists, such as the one you posted, help us make those connections. So thanks for working toward His Will. Those of us serious about our faith, understand we are all in this together!

  4. says

    I’m not a Christian blogger, so this doesn’t apply to me directly (although I’ve been praying hard about whether or not I should go more in that direction after posting my coming-to-faith memoir on my blog, along with posts on homosexuality and the Bible as a literary work … anyway … still waiting to see where God leads with that one), but – to answer your question –

    I remember, “When someone invites you to a wedding feast, do not take the place of honor, for a person more distinguished than you may have been invited ……. but when you are invited, take the lowest place,” etc. Luke 14

    I struggle a lot with pride and I use this Scripture to address the root so that I can put myself in a more proper place before God. He will exalt me if he wishes it, or he won’t. But he still loves me. :-)

  5. says

    Somehow I missed commenting here the first time you posted! Perhaps because it was right after one of my children’s birthdays and right before my anniversary — it was a little crazy here.

    I wrestle with being left off lists like anyone else. But as I’ve gone along, i’ve grown more clear in my purpose for writing on a blog — what I will do, what I won’t do, why I’m doing it, and the fact that because of those three things, my traffic will most likely never be high enough to make lists (at least, not ones based on traffic). That helps.

    Something interesting I’ve noticed that every time something comes along that tempts me to be discouraged or give up, I receive an email from someone who shares how something I wrote encouraged them. I know that is an indirect message from God that numbers are irrelevant in the spiritual realm — obedience is what counts. So, for now, I write.

  6. says

    Frank, what an honor to be included – thank you! Like Michelle Shaeffer, I feel a bit like I’ve been outed, too. :-)

    Your question is interesting for me because I realized I never felt slighted or left out until I’d been included on ONE such list. That’s when it became difficult, because at that point I became aware of the “who’s in, who’s out” mindset, and sometimes felt bad when I was “out.” I had to deal with my pride and let the numbers and popularity contests go. I’m much more peaceful now!

    What I like best about these lists, especially yours today, is that whether or not I’m on them, they always give me some new wonderful bloggers to follow. Thank you!

  7. Courtney says

    A couple of comments and a disclaimer*:

    A. I Love the question you asked! It’s such a good question and thing to consider. Andy Mineo said it simply, ‘we want to be understood, not overlooked’. That is SUCH a big part of life and the human experience that I think it is wise and prescient of you to ask that instead of requesting the list of blogs that weren’t included. As you said, this is your list and even then it is just a snapshot of September 2012.

    B. As a budding web designer I find lists like this useful because it is encouragement and inspiration. I am excited to be alive now when the internet and blogs are beginning. My grandparents witnessed the invention adoption of cars and now I’m around for this. I’m excited!!

    *Disclaimer: I didn’t have time to read other comments so I don’t know if I’m just repeating what has already been said. If I am please forgive me or, as I’ve heard said before, charge it to my head not my heart.

  8. Susan Doney says

    Thanks for the list, Frank. It was a little expensive for me as I bought a book on one of the gal’s websites and spent about 1.5 hours perusing those wonderful blogs instead of taking care of business at home.

    The blogs are truly top-notch and a blessing to read. I look forward to following them now that I know about them. Thanks again.

  9. says

    Hey Frank, when I saw this post I had to call my husband and tell him, “Honey, I think I’ve been outted!” as I don’t tend to be very public with my faith, and this post challenged me to share it louder. So first, thank you for that.

    Love the questions you’ve asked here and wrote a longer response on my blog today but in a nutshell, I didn’t set out blogging to become popular (some days my stats scare me as I realize what a responsibility comes with it), and I strive to just keep my focus on those who I’m here to serve and help.

    I’d rather be on the bookmarked lists of struggling entrepreneurs than to show up on the biggest “top ten” lists out there. It’s the comments and private emails that keep me going when I know I’ve managed to encourage someone else, solve a problem that had them stuck, or give them a resource or tool to make things work faster or better in their business.

    But thank you. I AM honored to be on your list and in such wonderful company of awesome women bloggers.

    • says

      Kudos Michelle! I can personally attest to the fact that Frank NAILED this list by including both you and Kelly Youngblood!

      Both of you ladies are kind, generous, skilled, honest and all those other “salty” attributes that are supposed to characterize believers as being the “…salt of the earth.”

      Frank – two words, YOU ROCK!

  10. says

    i’ve been chewin’ on that very question with the Lord recently, & He has gently reminded me that i need to keep my eyes on Him alone, not the impact.

    i read something in oswald chambers’ “my utmost” that has been a much-needed reminder that it is actually His mercy that protects me from being fully aware of what He is doing through me. he said,

    “If you keep your relationship right with Him, then regardless of your circumstances or whoever you encounter each day, He will continue to pour ‘rivers of living water’ through you. And it is actually by His mercy that He does not let you know it . . .”

    yep, i’m starting to get that now.

  11. Caroline says

    Thrilled to see that someone is finally giving women bloggers their due. It’s about time and this is a great list. I really liked what you said about the importance of bloggers responding to emails. I don’t read bloggers who are “too good” to reply to me.

    • Jennifer says

      Ditto! Thanks for writing this Frank. I know you were reluctant and I appreciate what you said in the beginning of your post about that, but be encouraged. All of my friends really appreciated it and from reading the comments so many others have too.

      You are right, women bloggers don’t get noticed or mentioned much, so this is really refreshing. I am always appreciative of your even handedness on issues so thank you for taking the risk. I’m sure some people were jealous about not being included but what the others have said about jealousy here is something they should listen to. It tests our hearts.


  12. Jack says

    Thanks for introducing us to many new soon-to-be favorite bloggers. I am excited to begin checking them out. If you like ’em, I’m sure I will. On to the question… I think a little bit of it has to do with maturity. Don’t we all get overlooked at times? Haven’t we all wanted to let everyone know that it was “my” idea and not his or hers? When Christ makes Himself a home in this little heart of mine and yours, He doesn’t really care about getting credit for things. It’s not on His agenda. So, I guess I would say that when that does happen, when we get overlooked, we either dwell in our jealous, justified human emotions or we turn to Christ and accept that He is good with not getting the credit. It happens with maturity.

  13. Donald Borsch Jr. says

    Whenever I am slighted by a top ten list, I cry victimhood and blame it on racism, misandry, political bias, or basic tomfoolery on the part of the one making the list to begin with. It obviously has NOTHING to do with my being a non-blogger’s blogger who writes against progressive christianity, emergent cultism, and other such poisons being injected into The Church for the sake of ‘sticking it to the Fundies’. Yikes.

  14. says

    Imagine a world full of Billy Grahams – it doesn’t work. Each person is gifted differently to speak through different hurts and experiences. As mentioned in the post, so much of this is subjective. What ministers to me may not minister to another. We shine the glory of God by being different. And sometimes that includes not making it on a list.

  15. says

    Well, honestly, I used to be bitter about it. But I used to not try very hard to follow Jesus either. Then, in a moment of inspiration, I developed a name for it:

    Passover Celebration

    So now, whenever I (selfishly) feel like I deserve to be recognized over someone else, God reminds me of the Passover Celebration, and Jesus’ clear teachings about how blessed the humble, meek, disrespected are in his kingdom.

    Then God reminds me–is his most drill-sergeantish voice–that I’m honestly not smart enough to deflate my head if I were honestly recognized for all the things HE has done THROUGH me. I chuckle and wholeheartedly agree with him, and we celebrate Passover and get on with life, because he’s already given me all that I need.

  16. says

    I’ll point out in passing that it’s not just women bloggers who go unnoticed. So do those who are not based in the USA, and I’m sure there are other groups too. There are exceptions, of course, but we’re talking about tendencies here.

    To answer your questions about feelings of jealousy or being left out, Frank, I could do worse than quote Henry Drummond writing in ‘The Greatest Thing in the World’.

    ‘“Should you then seek great things for yourself? Seek them not.” (Jeremiah 45:5) Why not?’

    ‘Because there is no greatness in things, mere things cannot be great. There’s only one thing that is truly great, unselfish love. Even self denial is worth nothing in and of itself, it would be a mistake to think like that. Only a higher purpose or greater love can justify the waste of self denial.’

    It’s better to write for the Lord because he has compelled you to do so. Is there a more valid reason? Then let him ensure those he wants to read get to see it. In other words, it’s not about me, it’s all about him.

      • Ahiba Stephane says

        Welcome back Frank!

        I’m blessed for all that has been said so far by you and the others. Thanks.

        In such circumstances, I’m left with only two options: either meditate on the fact and keeping others in my heart while forgetting that my service is to the Lord first from Whom our true reward comes, or thanking God for His approval, His sovereignty, His work in others and in using them to perfect us for Him and Him alone.

  17. says

    Being left off lists is just part of my Purple Martyrdom, Frank! LOL! :-) But I appreciate lists like these because they introduce me to other virtual siblings.

    The thing that blows me away is that my wee blog of under 300 posts in almost five years has had over 15,000 page views. I say what I believe Father wants me to say for those who need to hear it … and because I need to say it — and somehow people from all over the world listen. Way more than enough for this broken-down sister.

    I have been blessed by many brothers’ encouragement over the years — and by yours today.

  18. Summer says

    Oh those are difficult questions. I am currently struggling with ‘feeling left out’. Exclusion is one of the things I’m focused on handling at this point in my life – and its killing me!

    Its painful, hurtful and just overwhelming for me. Today I feel lonely and irritated that there is no one around. In these moments the exclusion has been magnified, BUT… I would do well by focusing how I generally handle this and grow here.

    I’ve been learning that expectations are natural but need to be toned down, looked at and moderated in our relationships. In expecting something from someone, its a huge disservice to yourself to not ask first if they are capable and willing to meet a need you have. When you recognize that someone has let you down, go back and examine what expectation you wanted them to meet. Was it fair, selfish? Can you discuss intimately these things with this person? Some relationships require those discussions, while others require you to let go of expectations, accept what the person offers and love them without compromise.

  19. Shannon says

    Sarah’s advice really spoke to me. I struggle with this myself sometimes. What you and what she said about some bloggers not responding is something that irks me. I’ve had it happen to me with a few popular bloggers and I also stopped reading their blogs because of it. It’s like ignoring someone who says hello to you in the grocery store.

  20. says

    Oh, this list contains women who’ve spoken such mercy to my soul, and some brand new to me. Thank you. I think in lists like this, or any places where competition threatens to strangle life and turn my focus inward, it keeps my heart soft to celebrate the beauty and gifts I see in others, to frame my words and art as service – an opportunity to bend low and give, rather than a ladder to climb or platform to build.

  21. Nicole Cottrell says

    Oh my! I think I can retire now! Thank you Frank, for always being so gracious, thoughtful, and accessible yourself. I am honored to be included in this list.

    As for your question–I know it sounds corny or cliche, but when I feel slighted by this list or that list, this blogger or that blogger, I remember that I write for an audience of One. The Lord asked that I “give” Him my blog long ago and doing so has provided me great freedom and enjoyment.

  22. Grayson Pope says

    I find it helpful to remind myself of the size of my particular calling. And that is this – we all have God-sized callings since we were called by God. No calling is “larger” or “better” than any other. They are all of God. (Of course, this assumes you’re following your true calling according to biblical context.)

  23. Nischelle says

    I absolutely love this! Thank you so much for sharing these blogs with us.

    What comes to mind in answer to your questions is this: Remember your first Love. As we behold His beauty and the value He places in us, all else pales in comparison.

  24. says

    One of the bloggers on your list was an inspiration to me long before she started blogging feverishly. She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders when it comes to writing and she has given me the courage to “just write”. So when I see these lists of “top bloggers” I won’t lie, I do scan the list. I try to post to interesting synchrologs to share my story and check my stats way too often. I’m often hoping for a larger audience, hoping to make a list so someone will hear my voice. That’s when I remind myself, my value doesn’t come from the approval of someone else, it comes from touching the heart of someone else. If I only touch one heart with my writing, if the angle to my story or the clarity of my words only speak to one person (sometimes that is me) then I have accomplished something meaningful.
    Those lists will change but the value of different voices will not. Who knows what hidden treasures there are to find in those who haven’t made the list?

    • says

      Ok, now that I’ve had some coffee and am a little more awake I’ll actually answer the question Frank posed:

      “As a follower of Jesus Christ, how do you deal with being left out of “top” lists, awards, and events in which you feel you should have been included without getting angry or going into depression? What words of advice can you offer to someone who may react this way when they feel excluded or jealous over anything for that matter?”

      While I have seen a few “top [whatever]” lists, and even though I have felt it would be nice to be on one (and now I know it is indeed nice), I have dealt with *not* being on them pretty well, because I never actually expected to be on any. I don’t write in order to gain large readership or popularity (and I am not sure how I would deal with that either) but because I love to write, I believe God has gifted me to write, and I want to share the thoughts I have with others. I don’t always blog regularly, especially when I have a book to read for a review, or the kids need something, or life just gets in the way. I don’t even do all the stuff that people recommend in order to build a platform, because I can’t always devote time to it.

      My biggest advice for people who really want to be on these lists comes from some words that were shared with me just yesterday: Psalm 115:1 “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness.”

      Also, the biggest thing I am learning is that you must truly seek to follow God and HIS timing. I have always loved to write, but opportunities for it really only opened up this year and I sense more will happen with it, even though I don’t know what. Keep blogging because you love it and have something to say, and don’t worry about stats (mine are really not that great, so I know how that can be).

  25. Sarah says

    I was tempted to add some other bloggers who I like but I read the bottom where you asked us not to so I’ll honor that. I haven’t heard of some these bloggers so I’m glad you introduced them to me to check out. You are right that women bloggers get ignored a lot. I’m glad that you mentioned about responding to emails because I wrote to one blogger I used to read and she never replied even after I tried several time, so I stopped reading her blog.

    The question about jealousy is a good one. What helps me to is to accept what God has blessed me with now and wait for his timing. Sometimes he wants to give me things later on. It’s easy to forget. Thank you again for this blog.

    • Kristy says

      My first thought when scanning this list of bloggers was “All of these women are married. No single women bloggers on the list?” And then Frank’s question – how does one deal with feeling left out or jealous – hit home in a personal way. How do I deal with feeling left out of marriage, jealous of those who get to experience God’s blessings through that institution? Thanks for your words, your reminder, Sarah – accept what I have now and wait to see what comes next – perhaps the story is not over – the answer may not be ‘never’ just ‘later.’

  26. says

    A verse that keeps me in check in John 12:43, “for they loved praise from men more than praise from God.” These lists are important in that they make us aware of others out there who have helpful perspective to share. They shouldn’t really serve as ego boosters. I think they are also helpful confirmation for bloggers who can see God is up to something good in their writing. That doesn’t mean God is not up to something with other blogs. Thanks for sharing these blogs.

  27. says

    The question is “why did you choose to write?” If you are writing to be popular or get on lists, then you have a problem if you do not make the list. If, on the other hand, you are writing because it is how you process the world and you have something that you want to say, then being overlooked is less of an issue. Hopefully we write to get better at writing and to better clarify what we think.

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