1. rafael ortiz says

    this is my opinion about suffering for the Christian. If you carefully look at the context of the New Testament, there was only two reasons why the first century believers suffered: 1: persecution, 2: self-sacrificing Love. It remains the same today. God will not use sickness, poverty, or punishment to conform us to the image of Christ. instead, He uses persecution and developing the spirit of self-sacrifice in us. God delivered us from all the curses of the law which includes sickness and poverty. God no longer punishes his children, Jesus took our punishment for us. that is called grace.

      • million says

        I have been greatly blessed by this message my brother Frank ( It has really encouraged me a lot ). I am really experiencing this now , discipline from the Holy Spirit and harassment of satan. For the discipline is being :- stressed ,sad, loneley, fear,reaping the result of it , conviction , and have regretted many things and am repenting from them one after another , and for the satan is harassing me continously during this time for my salvation by making me feel that I am rejected and God has shut the door for me and that I am a lost person.

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