On Faith

“Faith is not primarily a matter of choosing what to believe, as if one were a consumer in a spiritual supermarket, filling one’s trolley with religious goods to match one’s personal needs and preferences. Faith is our response to the astonishing discovery that we have been chosen.”

~ Timothy Radcliffe



  1. Robyn G says

    Faith amazes me…I must have it to please God…and the ability to have faith is a gift from God…and though I see many things, and understand many things, and believe many things that establish my faith…I still do not see and understand many things…which is what makes it faith…YET…He has totally and utterly convinced me of the essential and vital truth of HIM…which causes me to surrender and be totally enveloped in HIM while my sight and understanding remain incomplete…until HE finishes me! Frank…thank you for prompting me to put this into words… :) Thank you GOD for extending the me the gift of FAITH! Ephesians 2

  2. Chad Leighfield says

    I liked Smith Wigglesworths’ take, he said “Faith is the audacity that rejoices in the fact that God cannot change His word”.

  3. Rick Knock says

    We can accept something as true, and even decide to base our actions upon it (obedient faith), but is it possible for a person to choose what they truly believe? If someone were to offer any sane person a million dollars (or whatever their heart desired) if they could believe that there was a full-grown pink flying elephant darting back and forth across the room, could they ever truly believe it?

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