Reclaiming Christianity

“I am looking for the fellowship of the burning heart. I claim the Methodist and the Baptist as mine and I claim everybody that loves Jesus Christ as mine; but I am looking for the fellowship of the burning heart.  Men and women of all generations and everywhere that love the savior until ‘adoration’ has become the new word and they do not have to be entertained or amused.  This Christ was everything.  He was their all in all  . . . I am looking for men and women who are lost in worship, those who love God until he is the sweetheart of the soul.”

~ A. W. Tozer in Reclaiming Christianity

Reclaiming Christianity




  1. says

    Gotta be the next book on my reading list.
    WOW – what an exciting quote.

    J’adore mi amour!
    Adoro mi amour!
    Adoro il mio amore!
    I adore my Love!

    It is the language of love in any language.

  2. Signetring54 says

    Sounds like great reading! I believe that most are looking for this. With today’s life styles and commitments, I continue to hold this up as an ideal, but continue to search for the reality. Yes! Life styles must change and commitments must be re-evaluated to arrive there.

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