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    Great observations here. Coming from experience on both sides of the coin, I can absolutely agree! This list is very important for Christians because the counterfeit can appear to be so real that it’s easy to get trapped by it.

    But a true manifestation of the Spirit is so pure and brilliant. One cannot deny the deity and presence of Christ after gazing upon such manifestations.

    One more point, I have found that the most subtle and simple demonstrations of gifts are the most powerful and edifying.

  2. Lili Krins says

    I am re-leaved to know others think this way too. When we witness bizarre happenings in a meeting so many just accept that it is the Lord moving, when the behaviour clearly is not uplifting Jesus our Messiah but drawing attention away from HIM. It’s such a blessing to have you post this info for us, Frank.

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      The entire series is not in one of my books. A small portion of it (to come) is in “Revise Us Again.” I don’t know if the series will ever appear in a book or not.

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    Seriously, how do you do that?! I know – it’s God. I am so in awe of His works. I can’t believe you blogged about this today and chances are you wrote it way in advance.

    I’m reading James, just highlighted those verses from Ch. 3 yesterday and jotted it down as a future blog topic on the discord and division within the body. Seems we are missing the full blessing of pure, peaceable and reasonable relationships. Do you think Christ weeps for us? Just read Ann Voskamp’s post from today on a similar topic.

    And today I read James Ch. 4, specifically attracted to verses 10-12 during my quiet time. Blogged briefly about it this morning and still have further study to do. WOW – what an amazing God we serve! Many are hearing this common theme.

    It seems like so many verses in Scripture have been taken out of context for so long and people are confused about true discernment. We’ve listened to so many voices and missed the One that matters.

    So much of what you’ve said here is echoing what I am sensing during my readings. Thank you so much.

  4. Paul Goble says

    After yesterday’s post, I went back and read the previous posts about Rethinking Spiritual Gifts.
    I am personally seeking spiritual growth and these posts have been very helpful.
    Thank You!

  5. Kalil says

    Thanks for tackling this tricky topic on counterfeit spirituality. It’s sad that it exists but there has been a multitude of believers who have been caught up in movements/ministries/churches where they practice this often. Sometimes it’s difficult for some of us who have experienced this to acknowledge it because we’re dealing with embarrassment or feelings of being duped.

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    Excellent post, Frank.

    It’s often hard to know, especially if the group or congregation has been law-driven, or is biblically illiterate.

    I think the task becomes of discernment becomes easier if we know the correct purposes of the law (what ‘we do’) …and if we know what the pure gospel is.

    Otherwise we can be suckers for those (and the devil who is using them) who would pull the wool over our eyes.

    Thanks for your well thought out piece.

  7. Ruth Thomas says

    I sent a reply yesterday. Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying the post on the Holy Spirit. Such confirmation. Thanks Frank. Ruth

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