Who Do You Think You Are?

Earlier this year, I spoke at the 220 Conference in Texas. One of the brothers who was in the audience took an excerpt from one of the talks I delivered and created a video with background music.

If you are a true follower of Jesus Christ, this is your heritage and your true identity. Each statement comes from the New Testament.

Here are the three messages in their entirety – all free downloads:

The Deeper Journey: Part I

The Deeper Journey: Part II

The Deeper Journey: Part III

You can also access them on iTunes

To read a list of these declarations with Scripture references, click Who Are You? Accepting Your True Identity




  1. says

    I love it!

    The Christian life isn’t one of progression. It is about being made new…from above.

    It’s not a holiness project (as many churches erroneously believe)…but rather you are DECLARED HOLY…for Jesus’ sake!

    It really is liberating and assuring.

    Thanks, Frank. Nice work!

  2. Pastor Mark Pittman says

    This piece is awesome, and comes at a moment when we really need the reminders. Am setting this up with the alarm to be the first thing we hear every morning. I would love to use this in our worship. Whose permission would we need? Thanks for all you do to serve Jesus and his Church.

  3. CLAUDE CHAN says

    AMEN AND AMEN! It is peaceful and restful to be living in this divine realm. May The Spirit open our eyes to see who we really are in God’s eyes.

  4. Dona says

    I don’t understand why anyone needs to study books or go to conferences focused on finding your gifts as if THIS ( who we are in Christ) is not enough. This was a wonderful way to start my day and I forwarded the link to a bunch of friends so they could get a good start too.

  5. Sheri says

    I was at that conference. It was so encouraging to hear these truths. I printed them out a while back and refer to them often. I love what Mark has done with them. Thanks!

  6. Mary says

    Wow and beautiful. With all the issues we struggle with today this beautiful truth stands as our anchor and should be our focus. Well done!

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