Answers to Hot-Boiling Questions

Not long ago I took questions from some of you and promised to answer them on my next podcast episode.

The new episode was uploaded yesterday. It’s episode #85.

I did my best at answering the questions in all seriousness and candor. However, as is my custom, the episode is sprinkled with a good dose of comic relief.

So . . . if you don’t have a sense of humor, then put your coffee cup down right now, walk away from your computer or smart phone, and forget that you ever read this blog post!

Here’s a sampling of some of the questions. There were many more that I answered.

Note that I have never before discussed my views on the last question . . . until now.

1. what do you think of personal spiritual mentoring and discipleship. And do you do any mentoring?

2. how do you handle attacks, misunderstandings, and offenses from others?

3. what do you mean by turning to the Lord?

4. what model of church do you see being the most successful in the next decade?

5. who has influenced you in the area of how to live by the indwelling life of Christ, both theologically and practically?

6. how would you share the gospel with someone who has been hurt by religion?

7. Christians are divided on the issue of homosexuality. What is your view?

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  1. Shana says

    I’d be inclined to position 3 on.. the homosexuality issue.

    I have a step sibling that is gay…..and may possibly get married soon.

    Not sure how to handle that….I’m hoping I won’t have to. I can’t condone the behavior. ….but I care about the individuals.

    Any thoughts?


  2. John Gayton says

    Maybe you could ask “Is tithing part of the New Covenant?”. Might be a real blessing to the Body of Christ. Is giving under compulsion scriptural?

  3. Ross says

    As far as question #7, what often gets missed in the discussion on homosexuality is the difference between temptation and sin. Temptation is not sin. Jesus was tempted in all points, yet was without sin.

    I don’t believe it is sin to have homosexual tendencies, anymore than it’s sin to be tempted to lust after women. All sorts of desires (be they ‘strange’ or ‘normal’) may arise from our flesh that may need to be put to death on a daily basis. It becomes sin when the thought is entertained or acted upon.

    I think what is especially offensive to homosexuals is the suggestion that the very attraction they may feel towards the same gender is sin. I don’t think we can necessarily control what our flesh desires. But we can decide whether we sow to the Spirit or sow to the flesh. One leads to life, the other, death.

  4. Joyce says

    Great podcast, and the best commercials collection ever! I appreciate your thoughts on question #7. The androgyny issue is perplexing. I had to write down 47 minutes on a scratch pad so I can go back and get the names of all the authors you mentioned, in reference to the three camps. I am looking forward to reading these thoughtful views. My heart grieves over the pain suffered by all those impacted by the slings and arrows of unkindness and judgmentalism that forget we are talking about real people, who are are deeply loved by persons who may or may not agree with their lifestyle.

    • says

      Joyce. I’ll post the whole list of links on Monday in a new post. This will keep you from having to search. You’re the only person who has commented on #7 which I find fascinating.

  5. says

    Enjoyed the podcast on burning questions.
    I am a homosexual (in the flesh) who came to Christ at 17 desperately wanting to be fixed, turned my back on Jesus at 19 when I wasn’t fixed and lived openly in the gay community of the 1970’s – a different era and very challenging for my family – before I surrendered all to Jesus at age 24. By faith that I was a new creation, I married at age 25. My wife and I have been married for nearly 33 years. We have five grown children and six grand-children. I am still homosexual in the flesh. Jesus doesn’t fix the flesh; we must die to it, no? Life in Christ brings forth the new man. This spiritual language is very real to me. I definitely am one who holds the third view on homosexuality. It is sin. However, the church needs to recognize all fornication and adultery and divorce are as equally a sin against God’s plan of marriage and commitment as homosexuality. RE: a baby born with dual genitalia. Would this simply not be a type of disability? As such, these folks need support and strategies for adaptation. Not sure what that would look like, but it doesn’t alter, in my view, what we hold as a path of redemption for people of whole body who have developed some very defining emotional states tied to their sexuality. This mind, body, heart connection is real but may be overcome by the grace, guidance and comfort of the Holy Spirit. (Please don’t read this as an endorsement of reparative therapy for homosexuals.)Thanks again for all your work, Frank.

  6. says

    Thanks for answering the question. I love the “cha-ching” sound effect with each book mention…….lol. Kept me laughing.

    I mentioned you in my podcast Monday, then I find you said my name on yours today. See, you do reap what you sow 😉

  7. Jennifer says

    My favorite podcast just got better. Love the music, sound effects, and commercials. Oh, and the answers were great too. :)

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