What We Haven’t Been Taught About Jesus

The 88th episode of the “Christ is ALL” podcast is one that will interest many — if not all — of you.

Dr. Michael Brown and I discuss what we haven’t been taught about Jesus. (By “we,” I’m referring to most Christians in my experience and observation.)

Speaking of Dr. Michael Brown, his new book Authentic Fire is now in paperback. And the paperback edition is on sale for $14.99 (regular price $19.99) until February 17th.

This is a superb book that every Christian should have in their library. I just got my copy on Sunday. Over 400 pages, it also contains contributions by Craig Keener and Sam Storms.

Here is my endorsement:

“Dr. Michael Brown’s Authentic Fire puts the brakes on John MacArthur’s crusade against charismatics with irrefutable logic, extraordinary insight, Christ-like graciousness, and an undisputable handling of Scripture.”

Click here to get the paperback on limited-time discount (until February 17th). No other bookstore sells the paperback edition.

To get the Kindle edition, click here.

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  1. Gospel Fellowships says

    Michael Brown has done a service to the body of Christ to make available a scholarly work at this time on the working of the Holy Spirit in the believer and Church. There is a holy balance we can find between strange fire and dead formalism in the body of Christ. May God lead His people in that narrow way.

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