1. Lorne Forsberg says

    Powerful song that draws me in to also cry out to God that He would purify my heart! Thanks for posting this great song!

  2. Elizabeth Jan Aschliman says

    thanks for sharing this dear, old classic song! It’s still as beautiful as it was years ago!

  3. lovesickpilgrim says

    LOVED the rendition of “Refiner’s Fire”! What a powerful and beautiful heart cry unto the LORD. Thanks for spreading this classic song. Frank Viola, I am so blessed by your books, blogs, and other materials.

  4. Robin Aker Jakobsen says

    Ah, one of the best songs ever, the lyric is so true. Reminds me of you last message, Christian Community (…). Sort of the same thing: the (painful) cross penetrating and refining us :)

    Thank you for sharing this :)

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